Profile_Peter McGuire

BC4 Peter McGuire

Classification BC4
World Ranking 12
Date of Birth 24/10/1982
Place of Birth Hamilton
Currently living Yes :-) lol, sorry, I mean Hamilton

Sporting Achievements
Europa Cup Bronze Medallist, Norway 2011
World Cup 4th place, Vancouver 2007
World Championships 9th place, Brazil 2006
Scottish Champion in 2008
British Champion in 2008
World Championships Silver Medallist, Portugal 2010
European Championships Gold Medallist, Portugal 2009
World Cup 8th place, Vancouver 2007
World Championships 7th place, Brazil 2006
How I took up Boccia
Was introduced by my brother after he went to the Europeans back in 2005 and needed a partner for the pairs.

What I enjoy about Boccia
I enjoy the competitiveness of the game. From the outside it looks simple but it's like a game of chess, every opponent has their achilles heel. Also meeting people from different cultures and learning a lot about myself.

Ambitions in Boccia
Medal at London 2012.

Role Models in Boccia
I like Bruno Valentim (of Portugal) he has this arrogrance and is clinical in his execution of play but off court he is a good guy. He has now retired and is trying his hand at shooting!

Interests outside Boccia
I like reading, writing, going to the theatre and pictures and travel.